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Now available for your convenience! Order your eGift cards online using the above link.Gift certificates are also available for purchase at the spa.

Now available for your convenience! Order your eGift cards online using the above link.Gift certificates are also available for purchase at the spa.


kat Beaudoin

Shamanic Practitioner and Self-Healing Facilitator


Kat Beaudoin, shamanic practitioner and self- healing facilitator, began incorporating this calling in the winter of 2011. Although her life experiences, beginning at a very young age, are replete with awareness that something far grander is at work in our lives every moment of every day, it was not until she’d given up her three pillars of security that she fully understood her connection to “all there is” . Kat believes that our lives are inextricably connected to the nature, the myths and the archetypes of our ancestors. To the degree that we consciously recognize the parallels between the dramas of today and those of our ancestors’, the more able we are to manage the life we face.

In 2011, she began her formal training in Era III Medicine, otherwise known as Energy Medicine. She has studied Shamanism with Dory Cote at the Center of Earthlight Healing in Brunswick as well as with Barbara Bloecher at the Shaman’s Earth near Louisville, Kentucky. In her training, she has concluded Introduction to Shamanism, 1 year Shamanic Apprenticeship, 2 Year Shamanic Initiation, and two 5-days Intensive trainings in addition to numerous day or weekend workshops. She participates in several Maine based and New England wide Shamanic Circles. She studied Reiki with Mary Maverick also of Brunswick and is certified in Access Consciousness/The Bars from three instructors in New England. She is extremely grateful and fortunate to have also studied group work with 1) Joanna Macy, Deep Ecologist, author, activist and Buddhist and Systems Thinking Scholar of California and 2) Lila Moses, LCSW and Women’s Studies Leader (RIP) formerly of Portland Maine. She also studied Healing and Therapeutic Gardens at the Boston Architectural School. The tools she works with include primarily the archetypes and ancestors, sacred geometry, the human energy field and the elements through which she integrates the energy shifting modalities she has studied.

Informally, she has studied the works of Bruce Lipton, Penny Pierce, Ted Andrews, Clare Cooper Marcus, Larry Dossey, Dr. Esther Sternberg, Peter Levine, Carl Greer, Mashaela Small-Wright and Paul Pearsall among numerous other published pioneers of Energy Medicine.

A leader during her 30+ year career in Land Planning, her love of nature is at the core of her work today. Kat’s connection to the natural world is the vehicle she uses to access wisdom and insight forming the foundation for transformational change and healing. She is available for individual work, as well as group activities. When scheduling a session with Kat, be prepared to be transported to a place outside of time within the very essence of your true nature, where resides all the information you need to thrive. For more information about Shamanism, search for or while Kat’s new website is currently under development.

In addition to her listed services, Kat also officiates at ceremonies including weddings, life celebrations, births and other major milestones. She also creates and facilitates experiential workshops on various consciousness raising topics. She may be contacted directly or through the Zardus “Book Now” button. For private group sessions or other services mentioned above, contact Kat at or by calling (207) 446-8099.