Your Wellness Cruise


Now this looks like fun! Ocho Rios, Cayman Islands, Cozumel and Ocean Cay Private Island! Watch the sunrise on deck, while aligning your body and mind through yoga and meditations facilitated by Zardus Wellness Team. Enjoy onboard cruise activities, shore excursions, as well as exclusive Zardus Group amenities, parties and more.


Exclusive Zardus Workshops "Great Women Inspiring Others in Manifesting Magnificence"

Some of the offerings:

- Transcending Duality of Desire and Fear

- Connect and Strengthen Your Cells, Soul & Self

- Healing Gifts of Gems & Minerals

- Reiki 101 Certification

- Keynote Speaker, Teresa Zardus, Masters Psychology Research, Certified Life Coach and founder of Zardus Art of Massage & Wellness Spa w/School of Massage, among many other titles and accolades, sharing her inspirational story.

Book your 2019 reservation and start the shift into mind, body, and spirit wellness.

For more information and reservations call Brickell Travel Management @ 305 856 8889

Teresa Zardus